Wednesday, August 30, 2017

MRTT/SRTT September BURPEE Challenge

by MRTT/SRTT Louisville, KY Chapter Leader, Allison Reid

MRTT/SRTT September Monthly Challenge - BURPEES

When you think of September, you might think of cooler weather, leaves starting to change colors or large cups of pumpkin spice lattes….well, now when you think of September you will forever think of BURPEES! You asked (I’m looking at you Jenny *wink* *wink*), and we listened. Join us this month in completing a progressive series of daily burpees to help improve your overall strength! Strengthening your muscles will help improve your running form and prevent injuries. 

If you are like me, I know what you are thinking….”BURPEES?!?!?! #$%& I can’t do burpees!!!” Well, this group excels at providing motivation, accountability and support. Do as many of the burpees as you can, track your success on the challenge page and we will celebrate your success with you. ALWAYS listen to your body. Modify the exercise, change the amount of reps or the amount of days you complete the burpees. Make the challenge work for you and your personal goals. 

For the running portion of this challenge, set a monthly mileage goal and report to us regularly on how it is going. Please track your own mileage and update miles in your posts on the challenge page. 

Happy September, everyone! We cannot wait to hear how a month of burpees impacted you!

Here is the challenge for you.  This comes straight from HeandSheEatsClean:  

This challenge was designed to be something that you do in addition to your normal workout (which is hopefully one of our workout plans!). We have 4, 6, and 12-week workout plans for all fitness levels!
If you are advanced and this is too easy for you, you can double or triple each day. If this is too difficult, cut the reps down and work your way up. This challenge is totally customizable based on your fitness level. You can do these all at one time or spread them out throughout the day. Your choice!

Have a great month!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Little Red Rising Takes on the Derby City Trifecta

What does it take to complete a Triathlon? Well, swimming, biking and running, for sure! But, have you ever thought about a coach to help reach your running or race related goals? Our member, Little Red Rising, took it upon herself to seek out help through a coach for triathlon training and the results will amaze you!

Momma finished the 10K strong with her little guy by her side!

"In training, having a coach tuned into the technical aspects of my endurance journey is a layer beyond the camaraderie of MRTT. I know the things I have done right and the things that could be improved upon, like when to fuel for an Olympic distance triathlon. At age 39, I dislike admitting my vulnerabilities but opening up to Jeannette as a coach, beyond being friends has been worth it." ~Little Red Rising

Read the full story over at her blog now.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Moms Run This Towns meets Orienteering Louisville

written by MRTT/SRTT Louisville, KY Chapter Leaders

On August 5th, 2017, the Moms Run This Town/She Runs This Town Louisville chapter hosted their August Family Fun Event. The MRTT/SRTT chapter hosted this event with the support of Orienteering Louisville (OLOU) at Brown Park in St. Matthews.  We had over 26 teams who ran either the short or long orienteering course in hopes of winning beautiful handmade medals crafted by the Dunlap family!
Our beautiful medals made for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams.

Some of you may wonder what is orienteering?  Great question and we wondered this as well prior to setting up the event, so we did a little digging on the Orienteering Louisville (OLOU) website. Here is what we found:
"Orienteering is a sport that involves navigating a set course 
using a specialized topographical map and a compass. It can be 
enjoyed by people of all ages as a competitive cross-country race 
or as a recreational walk in the woods."  

We found this description held true as we had a range of ages in our participants, from toddlers to 
grandparents!  Also, as moms we loved that this was an event that had our kids moving, connecting
them to the outdoors (and running), and using some great life skills (map reading, working in teams, etc).

Orienteering means running trails and sometimes crossing water to find the check points.

For this event, teams did not need a compass, but instead were supplied with orienteering maps. 
OLOU volunteers were on hand to explain the maps and  instruct on how to best navigate the course,
 as well as how to use the finger sticks to mark off each checkpoint on the map.  Adults and kids loved 
using the maps, and the kids especially enjoyed using the finger sticks as they found each checkpoint! 

This 8 year old loved finding the check points!

Team BAMRS proudly showing off their handmade medal.

Because this was more of a lesson on "what is orienteering", instead of a race we had goody bags for each
families participating, thanks to Ken Combs Running Store and our chapter leaders. There were also 
handmade, custom team medals for the top 3 times in our short course and the overall team winners of 
our long course.  

Congratulations to every family that came out to the event and we appreciate Orienteering Louisville so
 much for coming out to show us what orienteering is all about!

You can find more about OLOU on their website, including meet dates/times at

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Results are in for the July Team Challenge!

On August 3rd, MRTT/SRTT members and their families convened at a local park for our July Team Challenge celebration!  It was great weather for a picnic (and a splash in the spray ground) with family members and friends.  Over 25 families attended our 2nd team challenge celebration and there was much to celebrate!  Combined, our teams ran 9,338 miles as a group, averaging around 77 miles per runner.  Despite the heat, we ran an average of 7 miles more per woman than our January 2017 team challenge. Way to go ladies! 

Between a Walk and a Hard Pace Teammates showing off their medals!

Highest Mileage Team
1st Place - Team 8:  Between a Walk and a Hard Pace - 1260.69 miles
2nd Place - Team 6:  Baby Got Track - 1062.01 miles
3rd Place - Team 9:  Scrambled Legs - 937.79 miles

The individual with the highest mileage had 238.06 miles all on her own!

A special thanks to our community partners, Ken Combs Running Store and Swags Sport Shoes, we were able to gift winners with some sweet prizes as a way to show our appreciation for their hard work.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Head up. Wings out.

Head Up. Wings out.  

by: Anonymous MRTT/SRTT member

Since I was a kid, I always had the same dream.  

I bolt out the back door and sprint across the porch.  I burst through the porch screen door and hear the screen door slowly shut.  The dog door slaps rhythmically back and forth.  I continue to pick up speed across the driveway and head for the large pine tree at the corner of our front yard.  As soon, as my feet hit the blanket of pine needles beneath the tree, I am propelled in the air.  I fly, high up in the sky, with the tree far below.  Everything is left behind.  The violence, the sexual abuse, everything, left behind.  Gone.

I can't fly, but I can come damn close through running.  Due to this, running became my escape.  It also became my enemy.  I became addicted and ran obsessively.  I developed a severe eating disorder and reached 67 lbs twice.  A large chunk of my life was spent in various long term and short term hospitalizations.  I am healthier now, but still struggle with my demons on a daily basis.

This year was rough.  I am just now starting to confront my childhood.  As a reminder that I will not be defined by it, I had the Hebrew word for overcome tattooed on the inside of my left wrist, above the fading scars caused by self-harm and my Garmin watch.  A reminder that I can fly and gain distance from my past.

I am still learning how to run in a healthy fashion.  Although, sometimes it has gotten me in trouble, it has also provided me with much needed comfort in my darkest hours.  I have to remember to wield its power for positive change.

"Head up.  Wings out."

Monday, July 31, 2017

August 2017 Monthly Challenge - Back to School BINGO!

It's August, which means it is also Back To School time, so we are playing 

Back To School MRTT/SRTT Bingo 

for our August Challenge! This challenge will run from August 1-August 31.

You should aim to do each item listed on the Bingo board in a "cover all" fashion. Post your progress on your bingo card weekly, or more often if you would like! Make sure when you post each week, you try to share a fun photo(s) of your weekly activities to motivate and give everyone ideas! :)

Once you have completed ALL of the activities on your card, you need to yell BINGO in the group and your name will be put in the pot for a prize drawing at the end of the month!!!

Let's get ready to play BINGO!!

Here is your board to print out:

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Worst “Trail” Run Ever

The Worst “Trail” Run Ever
by Amy Mueller, MRTT/SRTT Louisville, KY member

Weekiwachee Preserve
So, my trail marathon plan calls for 8 miles today. I scope out a few runs in Weekiwachee, Florida. We decide on Weekiwachee Preserve and make our way there.

Trail Map with "markers"
We get there and I have no idea of the mileage. I grab a map. I see markers 1 through 12. They are not mile markers. They are latitude and longitude markers. I keep the map and tell dad, "I’ll be back in about an hour and a half."

Let’s just start by saying this trail is part overgrown gravel roads, sandy paths smothered with weeds that may be snake homes, and dead trees presumably from the Florida heat. But the water view is pretty. It is 90 degrees and so humid my clothing starts to get wet as soon as I step outside the car. Dad says: “If you see an alligator, turn around”. Uh okay dad. Sure thing. NOOO Problem.

I follow the “Markers” till about 3. Then I follow the next path. It is a path about the size of a car lane and is all sand with super overgrown weeds. Also, nobody else is on it. Also, its super sketchy and the further I go, the more overgrown it gets. I follow my gut, turn around and head back. Fast. The whole time I envision an alligator chasing after me.
The trail that leads to nowhere

I reconnect with the main path and then just run and try to follow the markers, and the map, to get my “8” miles in for the day. At about mile 3.5, I get menstrual cramps in my legs. You all, I don’t get menstrual cramps in my belly, I get them in my legs. And when that happens, my legs don’t want to move. Plus its ridiculously hot and humid. Plus the trail is boring besides the nice view of the water. So, I think, “You know what, I’m just going to head back to the car, I’m over this.”

At about 5 miles, I come across this nice man “Ron” who is fishing. I ask him how to get back to the car. He’s very helpful. I say “Dad is worried about alligators or snakes getting me." Ron says, "Oh yeah, there are snakes all over the place. But if you stay on the trail you’ll be fine. And Alligators, there here too but they prob won’t get in your way. The largest I’ve seen is 7 feet and they won’t mess with you but the 10 foot ones will drag you in the water." Then he says, "You got enough water?" I say, “Yep, I think I’m good. Seems like I’m pretty close to the car.”  He says "Yeah, probably about 2.5 miles and you are there. Follow the water." I say, “I’ve been following the markers.” and I show him the map. He says, “Oh you can’t trust those, people move those all the time. Just follow the path up there to the right and stay near the water."  Okay, so that explains why I got a little lost.

At least the water view was pretty!
Now I’m paranoid that every sound is a snake or a gator, and the mosquitoes are ginormous.  I’m hot, a little dizzy, my legs hurt, I’m done. Just done. And I have like 2.5 miles left?  I’ve never been this miserable on a run before. I’m listening to music but my mind is envisioning this story where I collapse and die a half mile from the entrance and my body is found 10 days later, completely decomposed, or not found at all and just eaten by something. Okay, could I go any more morbid?

Needless to say, a bit later as I walk/run and follow Ron’s directions, I make it to the end. Chug every bit of water in dad’s car and vow to never go there again. But I got 7.4 miles, memories and the pictures and a story to share. Peace out, Weekiwachee Preserve!