Saturday, July 6, 2019

July Monthly Challenge - The TEAM Challenge is back!

The TEAM Challenge is back by popular demand!

Are you ready for a challenge?
Challenge runs JULY 1- JULY 31st
(To participate in this challenge, you must have completed the team challenge form by June 23rd, 2019.).
Those that fill out this form will have their names placed into a pot You must fill out every field below to be placed on a team. Chapter Co-Leaders (Stephanie and Allison) will randomly draw your name and place you with a team. We will announce teams via Live Facebook video on the evening of June 27th. You do NOT have to be at the live Facebook event to be placed on a team. Once the teams are announced, we will invite you to a group challenge page on Facebook so that you can connect with one another and your teammates.
Teams will be assigned at random. Each team will choose a “team leader” who will be responsible for cheering the team on and help keep an estimate of team mileage for the month. The main goal of the challenge is simple-- get out and walk/run/hike/bike or swim! Activities should be intentional and miles must be from an activity but NOT daily step totals. (If you have questions about this, contact Stephanie or Allison before filling out this form.) The team that has the most miles WINS the challenge. We will come back together after the challenge (Location/date TBD) to award fun prizes.
Activity conversion ratios:
Run/walk/hike: 1
Elliptical:Run is 1:1
Bike or Spin:Run is 3:1
Swim:Run is 1:3
(If you run/walk/hike/elliptical for 5 miles, you count 5 miles total. If you bike or spin 15 miles, you get to count 5 miles total. If you swim 1 mile, you get to count that as 3 miles.)
Note: Running as a team is not required, but highly recommended. If you cannot run as a group, that is okay, just make sure you are keeping track of your miles for the month.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

June Challenge - Horsing Around

June Challenge - Horsing Around

The June monthly challenge is a scavenger hunt for the Gallopalooza horses around Kentuckiana. With spring race season behind us, kiddos out of school, and hot weather upon us, June can be a tough month to keep running. This challenge is intended for ladies of all running levels to have fun, stay motivated, run some different routes, and hopefully connect with new MRTT/SRTT friends. 

Challenge Rules: 
- Find Gallopalooza large horses or horses on barrel during a run. 
- Horses can be found on either side of the river. 
- Take a selfie/runfie with the horse. 
- No limit to the number of horses you can find in one day, as long as they are all found while running (or walking...this event is for ladies of all paces).
- Each unique horse can only be claimed 1 time. We encourage you to find new places/routes to run to find more horses. (We encourage you to create group events to share some of your runs.)
- Post as often as you'd like for accountability and inspiration for others.
- To be considered for prizes at the end of the month post a monthly summary (post between June 30 and no later than July 4) including: total #of unique horses found, tell us if you are new to the group in 2019, include a collage(s) of 1 selfie/runfie from each horse found.

Prizes: Fun prizes are planned from local businesses. Award winners will be recognized at the July Tour deVille on Saturday, July 6 (not required to make TDV to win). 
Prize categories include:
- Most Horses Found (prizes for top 3)
- MRTT/SRTT 2019 Rookie Award (1 prize for most horses found by a member who joined since January 1, 2019)
- Most Unique Selfie/Runfie with a horse (let us see that creativity ladies!)

Answers to your questions:
- How do I find horses around the area: when you start looking you'll be surprised how frequently you see them. The Gallopalooza website has a location map and gallery with many shown (although it doesn't appear to include the Indiana horses)
- How do I make photo collages: There are lots of free apps. Ex: Pic Collage, Pic Stitch.

Sorry, going all “Mom” on y’all for a second...I know this is common sense, but I’m going to throw it out there....

Please note the horses are all privately owned. Respect the horses and the artists by not climbing on the horses. They’re *supposed* to be anchored to the sidewalks, but many of the older horses aren’t anymore and I would hate for anyone to get hurt or for a statue to get damaged! ♥️♥️♥️

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Kaitlin's Flying Pig Marathon Recap!

Flying Pig Marathon - Race Recap by Kaitlin B.
May 5th, 2019
Cincinnati, OH
Why I ran the Flying Pig Marathon:
I decided I wanted to run my first full at Flying Pig back in December when I saw the date. I lost one of the most important people in my life on May 5, 2012, and I just knew this was the perfect way to reclaim that date for myself. When my alarm went off on race morning, I immediately jumped out of bed and got ready. I was so excited and just wanted to get down to the start area! My friend, April, was running the half. We were dropped off near the start, took a picture with our Fleet Feet group, and headed towards the corrals. We gave each other one last hug and split up for our separate starts. I was waiting for my other friend, Lilith, who I had roped into running with me. In the meantime, I looked over and saw my “running mom,” Suzanne, who was exactly who I needed to see at that moment. We shared a long hug and lots of tears. I was feeling anxious but happy and I just needed someone I loved to hold me for a minute. I thanked her and sent her off to her corral as well. A few minutes later, Lilith joined me and we were off!

We were surprised to see my husband and my friend, Brittany, just past the start. I wasn’t expecting them until mile 6 but seeing them helped my jitters and I was so grateful. I was worried that I would go out too fast, but my body kind of took over and we paced really well, just a smidge fast, for the first 6 miles. I expected to really slow down going up the giant hill into Eden Park but I still get so strong! It helped to have my cheer squad at the base of the hill. Having done the half before, I was familiar with the hill. I broke it into three parts and it was over before I knew it and we were approaching mile 11, our next spot to see Austin and Brittany. As we got closer to them, my husband said, “You have people here!” I looked ahead and saw one of my best friends and her fiancĂ©. I immediately started crying, feeling so supported by my loved ones. Lilith settled me down, we waved and kept on going! The aid stations and crowd support for this race are unbelievable! It is a giant party with mimosas, candy, cookies, beer, towels, tissues, Vaseline, anything and everything you could possibly need! If you want to have an absolute blast in a marathon, you need to do the Pig. Lilith took a video of me going into a neighborhood around mile 14 and just beaming because there were pig balloons and parties everywhere, it was beyond amazing. I drank a beer, ate some Swedish fish, and even took a bite of (very salty) bacon. I wanted to embrace the entire experience and have FUN. I definitely think we achieved that!

Our next place to see our crew was mile 19. Austin had gotten even more of my friends there by that point. I was determined not to cry that time so I cheered and ran past giving everyone high fives, gaining strength from each of them. After that point, I knew it was going to thin out a little bit and this is where it would get mentally tough, I was right. Mile 21 was probably the most sparse of anywhere on the course because we ran on the highway for a while. It made me so grateful for the high energy on the rest of the course but it was also my weakest portion of the race, and that is okay. I was expecting to see my crew at 25 or 26 so I just counted down to that. I also dedicated each mile to someone or something (MRTT was mile 23 and I can honestly say you all kept my legs moving!) which was inspiring in the tough moments. After 21, it seemed to fly. 5 miles left, 4 miles left and 44 minutes to come in under 4 hours, 5k left, 2 miles (I’ll be seeing my family soon!), 1 mile (where are they?!). I saw some friends who had finished the half as we approached the finish line crowd (which is almost a mile long) and I was just so happy! I needed to see someone there and they were the perfect cheerleaders. I scanned the crowd as I ran, soaking in the cheers and excitement. I saw my Fleet Feet family, Lorri, Suzanne, and Joni. I blew them a kiss because I just wasn’t sure how else to tell them I loved them and appreciated them I’m that moment. Lilith told me it was time to kick and I told her I’d already used all I head, I could hold steady and I was enjoying myself so it was fine. Then I saw my family. I saw my parents, the two people I desperately needed to see. I could hear my husband and my friends but I had tunnel vision on my mom and dad. They don’t watch me race very often and I wanted to show them what I had. I blew them a kiss and then I kicked. I hit a 5 minute pace for the last 200m or so, a 7:44 for the last .6 miles, despite the fact that I had just said I didn’t have it.

I got my medal, I gave Lilith a huge hug and thanked her for helping me stay smart and strong. I made my way through the chute and went towards our designated meeting spot. Austin saw me and came and got me. We hugged, we cried, it was one of the best moments of my life. He took me back over to everyone and we spent the next hour hugging, drinking champagne, sharing stories, and celebrating this huge day. My day. It will be a while before I tackle the marathon again, mostly because my experience was just about perfect, but I will definitely experience 26.2 again. I’m a marathoner! 3:53:27
My favorite part of this race:
The crowd support was incredible. I can’t stress that enough. The city shows up for this race and the runners, they cheer for you, support you, and make you feel so strong!
My least favorite part about this race:
I’m really not sure that I can pick. I had a perfect experience! There are hills but I knew so I wouldn’t complain, I was aware of what I was getting into. I wish the bacon had tasted better, I guess!
Will you run this race again?
Maybe not the full, just because I don’t know that I will ever run the same full twice. I will definitely go back for the half and other events!
What is the thing you are most proud of about yourself after completing this race? 
I’m proud of my strength. I put in a lot of work training for this marathon. It was physically and mentally exhausting, but I knew what I was capable of and I never lost sight of that. I adjusted my game plan a little bit but the end result was the goal I had in mind. I got to know my body so well over the past few months and I trusted it fully on race day.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Our largest DERBY Tour de Ville Event happened this month!

What is Tour de Ville you ask?  Well...for those of you who are not familiar...
The first weekend of every month (weather permitting), we meet up at a different place to run and then hang out at a nearby coffee shop after the run. To better meet the needs of the group, we will rotate between Sat and Sun. The event will start at 8:00am with short introductions, followed by the run, and then we will meet up at the coffee shop at about 9:00am for coffee.

In short:  It is a super fun, laid back, social way to get in a few miles and meet a few new people.

In May we usually have a fun Derby themed Tour de Ville where we encourage our members to wear Derby hats or fascinators..really anything goes. This month's Tour de Ville was a record-breaking May turnout with over 60 ladies (and kiddos), with most all wearing some sort of hat to meet the theme!

Here are a few great photos from this weekend. We hope you will consider joining us on one of these social runs soon.  Check out the events section of our Facebook group for dates/locations.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

May Challenge: Time for Something NEW!

Welcome to the May Challenge Event!! For new members, every month we host a challenge event to help keep us motivated to reach our goals, as well as to encourage and support each other. Many individuals have recently completed races, some are in peak training for races and others are beginning their running journey. Whether you are preparing to run a race or starting couch to 5k, this challenge is for YOU! While training plans and tracking progress are certainly important, there are other aspects of running/wellness that can be equally as valuable and meaningful. 

This month, Stephanie and I would like to challenge you to try something that is probably not on your training plan…it’s something you’ve never done before!!! This month, we want you to try NEW things related to running, fitness, wellness and/or recovery. We’d love to see pictures of new fitness classes, new routes, new running friends, new running workout, new training activities, new recovery recipes, new races, new PRs, new distances achieved, new rejuvenation activities. The sky is the limit! Get creative! Set out to challenge yourself to complete as many new things/firsts this month as possible.

Post daily, weekly or as often as you like. Let us know what you achieve, and as always pictures/selfies are encouraged. Let’s motivate each other! There’s no competition…there’s no prize. Simply a month to focus on you. Let’s celebrate leaving our comfort zone! As always, we encourage you to share your monthly mileage/activity goals, and post progress frequently. 

Sunday, March 31, 2019

April Challenge is B-I-N-G-O

Our April Challenge is BINGO, baby!

Welcome to the MRTT/SRTT April Challenge. It's BINGO time! This challenge will run from April 1-30. You should aim to complete each item listed on the BINGO board in a "cover all" fashion. Post your progress on the BINGO board weekly, or more often if you would like. Make sure when you post, you try to share fun photo(s) of your activities to motivate others.

You can do more than one square per day, but getting them completed faster does not get you a better chance for the monthly prize.

Once you have completed ALL of the squares on your card, you need to yell BINGO in the event page and your name will be put in the pot for a prize drawing at the end of the month. 

Let's get ready to play BINGO!

As always, we encourage you to share your monthly mileage/activity goals, and post progress frequently. You do not have to play BINGO to participate in the accountability aspect of the event. Don't forget to share your photos in the Event page on Facebook AND if you want to share on social media-Tag us and use the hashtag #MrttSrttLouisville in your posts!  Happy Running. 

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Flipping Out over the KDF Mini/Marathon Challenge- Enter for a chance to win prizes!

Flipping Out over the KDF Mini/Marathon Challenge- Enter for a chance to win prizes!

March training brings April racing. Are you ready to flip out over the KDF Mini/Marathon or Relay? We are bringing you a fun challenge and an easy way to earn swag as you prepare for the big day on April 27th. How does it work, you ask? Easy:

Step 1: Flip someone's M/SRTT magnet and post a photo to the private M/SRTT group. (Please omit the license plate # in photo before posting.)

Step 2: Share your referral code and a special MRTT discount code (chapter leaders will send you the code when you post in this group), tag a friend on your social channels. Don't forget to add #mrttsrttlouisville to your posts.
The more you share and tag, the more chances you have to win!

Those M/SRTT runners with the top 3 number of registration referrals win Runner’s swag provided by KDF. Contest ends March 31st, 2019.

If you are not registered for the full or mini yet, now is the time to register! Not ready to commit to one of those distances? That is okay-grab a group of running friends and register for the Relay option.   Use code RELAYFUN19 by March 14th and save $25 off of your relay team's registration.