Monday, October 7, 2019

MRTT/SRTT Goes to Indy - Video Highlights from the 2019 Indy Women's Half Marathon

MRTT/SRTT Goes to Indy - Video Highlights from the 2019 Indy Women's Half Marathon

We came! We saw! We conquered the Indy Women's Half Marathon & 5K. Together. Right at 100 women registered for this race and traveled to Indianapolis for a motivational and inspiring weekend. Here are just SOME of the highlights we've put together in a video.  Thanks to everyone who contributed.  It was an amazing weekend. 

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MRTT/SRTT October 2019 Monthly Challenge - Hunt to Halloween

MRTT/SRTT Monthly Challenge - October 2019

Welcome to the October Challenge Event!! For new members, every month we host a challenge to help keep us motivated to reach our goals. Many individuals have recently completed races, are preparing for races, embracing taper week(s) or are on a running hiatus due to injury. No fear! October’s challenge is a fun challenge that can be adapted to fit everyone’s unique goals and needs! October is the Hunt to Halloween Challenge!

Scavenger Hunt Rules – complete the activities at your own risk with safety in mind. All photographs should be taken during a run/walk/other exercises to count. You can check off a maximum of TWO items each day (during a workout), and you can only complete a scavenger hunt item one time. When you find an item on the list, take a picture and post to the Facebook event page, specifying which scavenger hunt item(s) you are marking off. Only photographs taken October 1-31st are eligible.

Running Rules – It’s pretty simple, set a monthly mileage goal and report to us regularly on how it is going. Please track your own mileage and update miles in your posts on the challenge page.

Keep it Simple Option – If you are looking for a low-key month, and want to participate without tracking scavenger hunt items, that is fine. It is completely acceptable to post fun run/walk/exercise photos with or without scavenger hunt items included. Make the challenge work for you! The most important thing is to have fun and run with JOY!

Monday, September 9, 2019

September 2019 Monthly Challenge

It's that time again...time to announce the new monthly challenge!!! If you’re new to the group, here’s how it works. Every month we host a challenge to help improve personal accountability and motivation to reach our goals. Challenges are also a great way to provide support and encouragement to each other.

It’s nearly fall (hallelujah!!!🍂), a time of year when many individuals are (re)starting their running journey, preparing for fall races or embracing taper week(s). No fear! September’s challenge is a fun challenge that can be adapted to fit everyone’s current fitness level and unique goals!

The challenge this month is the September 4x4!! During the month of September, we’d like to challenge you to 4 workouts per week for 4 weeks. Workouts can include but are not limited to running, walking, hiking, rowing, biking, swimming, strength training, yoga, boot camp, etc. Feel free to post a picture or simply check-in after your workouts. We know life can get hectic, so don’t feel pressured to post each time you work out; a summary every few days or even once per week is fine.

In addition to the September 4x4 challenge, feel free to set a monthly mileage goal and update us regularly on how it is going. Please track your order own mileage and # of days you’ve worked out each week.

At the end of the month, everyone that completed the 4x4 challenge (4 workouts per week x 4 weeks) will be in a drawing for a prize. And there’s a BONUS…each week, watch for a pop-up challenge; completing ALL FOUR of the pop-up challenges will earn you one extra entry in the drawing! Happy September!!!

August 2019 BOOM Challenge

MRTT/SRTT August 2019 BOOM Challenge

Back by popular demand…the BOOM Challenge! In addition to monthly mileage tracking, this month focuses on strength training. Join us in completing a progressive series of daily exercises to help improve overall strength. Strengthening muscles during the HOT summer months will help improve your running form and prevent injuries. 

For this challenge, set a monthly mileage goal and report to us regularly on how it is going. Please track your own mileage and update miles in your posts on the challenge page. 

Daily workouts in addition to running?!?!?! “YIKES,” you might say!!!! This group excels at providing motivation, accountability and grace when our plans do not go as we intended. Do as many of the workouts as you are able, track in your posts on the challenge page and we will celebrate your success! Feel free to modify exercises, amount of reps or the amount of days you incorporate strength training into your plan. Make the Challenge work for you and your personal goals. 💪🏼 Rest, recovery and rejuvenation are important - always listen to your body! ❤️

July Team Challenge - Amazing results from our members!

We cannot believe it- another MRTT/SRTT Monthly Team Challenge is complete and we hit record n numbers! Congratulations to all of our ladies for completing this challenge. 

MRTT/SRTT July 2019 Team Challenge Results
Total Monthly Mileage:  17324.92
Average of 91.18 miles/woman
Average of 911 miles per team

Mileage by Team
1st Place - Team 2: Deuces are Wild - 1318.93
2nd Place - Team 8:  Nacho Average Mother Runners - 1182.49 miles
3rd Place - Team 19: 19 Miles to Go-  1174.06 miles

Remaining Placement of Teams (by mileage)
Team #12 - We Thought You Said RUM - 1076.28
Team #1 - Runbelievable - 1034.61
Team #18 - Scrambled Legs - 979.54
Team #15 - Lost in Pace - 976.56
Team # 2 - Beautiful Badasses - 973.44
Team #17 - How I Met These Runners - 940.04
Team #7 - Pimp My Stride - 922.88
Team #5 - Goal Diggers - 917.66
Team #10- Quads of Fury - 886.11
Team #16 - Buns on the Run - 878
Team #14 - Not Fast But Kinda Furious - 863
Team #6 - I’ve Got Your 6 - 833.2
Team #4 - 4 the Love of Running - 833.15
Team #11 - Keeping up with the MRTT/SRTTians - 830.13
Team #13 - Resting Brunch Face - 791.33
Team #9 - Between a Walk and a Hard Pace - 746.66

We had a great turnout at our Team Challenge Celebration at Great Flood Brewing Company, too.
Lots of fun prizes were raffle off and there was plenty of time to meet
with running friends and teammates.

Thanks to all of our sponsors for supporting this event:
Great Flood Brewing Company, Fleet Feet Louisville, Middletown Cycling,
Ponya Bands, Author Ann M. Hall, Paint Spot, and Donna Giovenco, RD.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

July Monthly Challenge - The TEAM Challenge is back!

The TEAM Challenge is back by popular demand!

Are you ready for a challenge?
Challenge runs JULY 1- JULY 31st
(To participate in this challenge, you must have completed the team challenge form by June 23rd, 2019.).
Those that fill out this form will have their names placed into a pot You must fill out every field below to be placed on a team. Chapter Co-Leaders (Stephanie and Allison) will randomly draw your name and place you with a team. We will announce teams via Live Facebook video on the evening of June 27th. You do NOT have to be at the live Facebook event to be placed on a team. Once the teams are announced, we will invite you to a group challenge page on Facebook so that you can connect with one another and your teammates.
Teams will be assigned at random. Each team will choose a “team leader” who will be responsible for cheering the team on and help keep an estimate of team mileage for the month. The main goal of the challenge is simple-- get out and walk/run/hike/bike or swim! Activities should be intentional and miles must be from an activity but NOT daily step totals. (If you have questions about this, contact Stephanie or Allison before filling out this form.) The team that has the most miles WINS the challenge. We will come back together after the challenge (Location/date TBD) to award fun prizes.
Activity conversion ratios:
Run/walk/hike: 1
Elliptical:Run is 1:1
Bike or Spin:Run is 3:1
Swim:Run is 1:3
(If you run/walk/hike/elliptical for 5 miles, you count 5 miles total. If you bike or spin 15 miles, you get to count 5 miles total. If you swim 1 mile, you get to count that as 3 miles.)
Note: Running as a team is not required, but highly recommended. If you cannot run as a group, that is okay, just make sure you are keeping track of your miles for the month.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

June Challenge - Horsing Around

June Challenge - Horsing Around

The June monthly challenge is a scavenger hunt for the Gallopalooza horses around Kentuckiana. With spring race season behind us, kiddos out of school, and hot weather upon us, June can be a tough month to keep running. This challenge is intended for ladies of all running levels to have fun, stay motivated, run some different routes, and hopefully connect with new MRTT/SRTT friends. 

Challenge Rules: 
- Find Gallopalooza large horses or horses on barrel during a run. 
- Horses can be found on either side of the river. 
- Take a selfie/runfie with the horse. 
- No limit to the number of horses you can find in one day, as long as they are all found while running (or walking...this event is for ladies of all paces).
- Each unique horse can only be claimed 1 time. We encourage you to find new places/routes to run to find more horses. (We encourage you to create group events to share some of your runs.)
- Post as often as you'd like for accountability and inspiration for others.
- To be considered for prizes at the end of the month post a monthly summary (post between June 30 and no later than July 4) including: total #of unique horses found, tell us if you are new to the group in 2019, include a collage(s) of 1 selfie/runfie from each horse found.

Prizes: Fun prizes are planned from local businesses. Award winners will be recognized at the July Tour deVille on Saturday, July 6 (not required to make TDV to win). 
Prize categories include:
- Most Horses Found (prizes for top 3)
- MRTT/SRTT 2019 Rookie Award (1 prize for most horses found by a member who joined since January 1, 2019)
- Most Unique Selfie/Runfie with a horse (let us see that creativity ladies!)

Answers to your questions:
- How do I find horses around the area: when you start looking you'll be surprised how frequently you see them. The Gallopalooza website has a location map and gallery with many shown (although it doesn't appear to include the Indiana horses)
- How do I make photo collages: There are lots of free apps. Ex: Pic Collage, Pic Stitch.

Sorry, going all “Mom” on y’all for a second...I know this is common sense, but I’m going to throw it out there....

Please note the horses are all privately owned. Respect the horses and the artists by not climbing on the horses. They’re *supposed* to be anchored to the sidewalks, but many of the older horses aren’t anymore and I would hate for anyone to get hurt or for a statue to get damaged! ♥️♥️♥️