Sunday, February 28, 2021

March Challenge: 10 Years of SRTT


March Challenge: 10 Years of SRTT

For the March monthly challenge, we will be celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of MRTT/SRTT! This month’s challenge will have a weekly challenge, monthly challenge, and a few of the National Chapter events sprinkled throughout the month. Everyone who participates will be in the drawing for an SRTT Boco Trucker Hat!
The calendar of events for March is attached with the weekly/monthly challenge info below. Additional details will be posted in the event page prior to the date of the challenge.
WEEKLY Challenge: Run/Walk/Bike at least 10 total miles PER week. This can be in one run or broken up throughout the week - just get in 10 total miles each week of March.
MONTHLY Challenge: Participate in the FREE 10 Year Anniversary Virtual 5k, 10k, or Half Marathon. If you have not signed up yet - you can sign up at
Be sure to select the Louisville team when you register!

Monday, February 1, 2021

February "Love Yourself" Monthly Challenge


Welcome to the FEBRUARY Love Yourself Challenge! For new members, every month we host a challenge to help keep us motivated to reach our goals. We are a very diverse group, many ladies are training for KDF or other spring/virtual races, other ladies are beginning their running journey and some aren't running much right now or focusing on strength. With Covid, many people are finding it harder to make time for themselves especially with kids at home, NTI, crazy work schedules, not leaving the house much, etc. This challenge will be focused on getting back to self love and self-care so it's adaptable for everyone, regardless of where you are in your running journey.
Because building habits is important, each day we'll have a different self-love focus that will repeat each week throughout the month of February. If you have a specific running/mileage goal, we want to know about those as well, so please share here in the monthly challenge.
Below you will find a breakdown of each day...and remember these will repeat each week:"
Mile Monday or Meal Monday: Make time for 1 mile every Monday. This can be a 1 mile walk, run, on the treadmill, stair stepper, elliptical or any version of cardio in which a mile can be calculated. OR Share a healthy nourishing meal that you are using to fuel your body.
Tuesday Tunes: Listen to some tunes that make you feel good. You can also share your favorite tunes that you love to listen to while running/working out.
Wellness Wednesday: Take time for your wellness - whatever that means for you. Some ideas are running, reading a personal development book, 3 things you are grateful for, self-love affirmations, listen to a podcast, listen or watching something funny to laugh, etc.
Thirsty Thursday: We all know how important hydration is for our health and especially running so today's goal is to drink ALL the water. Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water.
Flex Friday: Stretch, yoga, mobility for flexibility or do a strength workout.
Share Saturday: Share something positive with the group. It could be something you LOVE, are grateful for, an affirmation, favorite book, etc.
Silent Sunday: Meditate, read a book or digital detox and spend time away from screens!

If you are a member, join us on Facebook in the private group event here

Friday, January 1, 2021

January 2021 Monthly Challenge

 Welcome to 2021 and the January Monthly Challenge!

Welcome to the MRTT/SRTT April Challenge. It's BINGO time! This challenge will run from January 1- January 31st. You should aim to complete each item listed on the BINGO board in a "cover all" fashion. Post your progress on the BINGO board weekly, or more often if you would like. Make sure when you post, you try to share a fun photo(s) of your activities to motivate others.
You can do more than one square per day, but getting them completed faster does not get you a better chance for the monthly prize.
At the end of the month, if you have completed ALL of the squares on your card, you need to yell BINGO and post a comment on the designated post by Admin. Your name will be put in the pot for a prize drawing!
Let's get ready to play BINGO!
As always, we encourage you to share your monthly mileage/activity goals and post progress frequently. You do not have to play BINGO to participate in the accountability aspect of the event. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

December 2020 Merry-thon Monthly Challenge

December 2020 Merry-thon Monthly Challenge 


Welcome to the December Challenge Event-the SRTT Merry-Thon!!
For new members, every month we host a challenge to help keep us motivated to reach our goals.
The challenge is easy: for 26 consecutive days, complete at least one mile of the following activity - walking/hiking, running, swimming, or cycling! By the end of the challenge, you will have completed a MERRY-thon.
Activity Rules – It’s pretty simple, set a monthly mileage goal, and report to us regularly on how it is going. Please track your own mileage and update miles in your posts on the challenge page.
Ready? Set! Get MOVING!

October 2020 Monthly Challenge

 October 2020 Monthly Challenge is here!

***THIS EVENT is OCTOBER 1 – 31***
Welcome to the October Challenge Event!! For new members, every month we host a challenge to help keep us motivated to reach our goals. Fall is usually RACE time, and I know many of us are missing many cherished events. While nothing can replace the excitement of toeing the line for a race, we will try to help keep fall running enjoyable. At least the humidity is tapering…right?!?! Over the past several years, many ladies have told me they look forward to our October scavenger hunt, so it is! The 2020 MRTT SRTT October Hunt to Halloween Challenge!
Scavenger Hunt Rules – complete the activities at your own risk with safety in mind. All photographs should be taken during a run/walk/another exercise to count. You can check off a maximum of TWO items each day (during a workout), and you can only complete a scavenger hunt item one time. When you find an item on the list, take a picture and post it to the Facebook event page, specifying which scavenger hunt item(s) you are marking off. Only photographs taken October 1-31st are eligible.
Running Rules – It’s pretty simple, set a monthly mileage goal, and report to us regularly on how it is going. Please track your own mileage and update miles in your posts on the challenge page.
Keep it Simple Option – If you are looking for a low-key month, and want to participate without tracking mileage and/or scavenger hunt items, that is fine. It is completely acceptable to post fun run/walk/exercise photos with or without scavenger hunt items included. Make the challenge work for you! The most important thing is to have fun and run with JOY!

September 2020 Virtual Team Challenge and Celebration Event

 September 2020 Virtual Team Challenge and Celebration Event

It is official - SEPTEMBER is TEAM CHALLENGE month!


Are you ready for a challenge?

Challenge runs September 1-September 30, 2020 

To participate in this challenge, you must complete this form by August 20th, 2020.
Those that fill out this form will have their names placed into a pot. You must fill out every field below to be placed on a team. Chapter Co-Leaders (Stephanie and Allison) will randomly draw your name and place you with a team. We will announce teams via Facebook by August 27th. You do NOT have to be at the live Facebook event to be placed on a team. Once the teams are announced, we will invite you to a group challenge page on Facebook so that you can connect with one another and your teammates.

We ask that one team choose a "cheerLEADER' who will help encourage and motivate the entire team to post progress AND participate in pop-up challenges.  At the end of the month, we will ask for individuals (not leaders) to submit a screenshot/proof of your total mileage for the month to us individually.   
Activities should be intentional and miles CANNOT be from daily step totals. (If you have questions about this, contact Stephanie or Allison before filling out this form.) 

Other than that, It's pretty SIMPLE, right? just -- get out and walk/run. The real goal here is to help support your teammates in their goals and promote a healthy lifestyle during very trying times. 

As an additional challenge-we are going to post 4 POP-UP challenges during the event. We will come back together after the challenge virtually to award fun prizes related to the pop-up entries.

Activity conversion ratios: 
Run/walk/hike/elliptical: 1:1

So let's talk OUTCOMES

We had an amazing group of ladies completing miles AND also completing pop-up challenges.  Our biggest surprise was the amount of money we raised for our chosen charity from this challenge: $231.00 went to the Home of the Innocents thanks to your generosity!

You can see a link to our video compilation from the entire month on our YouTube channel here.

Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to our prizes winners:
Lori C.
Janna M.
Melissa N.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Louisville chapter SRTT BOCO Gear Available for a Limited Time- Pre-order now

Louisville chapter SRTT BOCO Gear *Available for a Limited Time*

Pre-order now!

For a limited time, SRTT Louisville, KY chapter items are available here for pre-order.
You have until 9/9/20 to place your pre-order. BOCO gear custom orders take 4-6 weeks to process. Please see the private Facebook group page for details or email with questions.

Available to pre-order:
-Technical Trucker
-360 Visor
-Performance Mask