Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Publix Florida Marathon - Race Report

Forgive the lengthy pre-Marathon reflection, but I feel my story may encourage someone contemplating and training for a Marathon.  I trained well under the Hanson's plan in October and November, checking off all the boxes as a good OCD runner. However, at the end of October after doing my fourth half marathon for the year, I ended up with IT band issues that caused some lost days.

December started off okay then BAM, upper and lower respiratory infections back to back mid/late December halted my running. I thought I was back on track but still on antibiotics. I went for a long run of 16 miles with MRTT friends and made it through 7. I was going to finish when I got home but the IT band totally debilitated me on the tread mill, even with trying to push through it!

New Year’s came and I had to miss my first ever race, The hangover classic, due to a GI bug!  The next week I was back on the treadmill and still having twinges of IT pain when running. I was feeling really depressed at this point. I began to think this Marathon was not going to happen in 5 weeks. I scheduled an appointment with a Sports Chiropractor, Dr. Bowling.  He was awesome! He not only helped physically but mentally as well. I noticed his 3 Boston Marathon medals hanging when he was working on me. I knew he would understand my frustration. I had taken my checked off training plan and shoes with me. He looked at them and said you’ll do fine and other encouraging words that gave me hope for this Marathon. I was afraid this knee would rear up again and I would be a DNF, but that did not happen.

Sunday February 11, my First Marathon at age 50 in beautiful Melbourne Florida.
Temp that morning was 72 and rose to 80’s and 92% humidity to starting out. It was hot to start
but no sun so compared to what was to come. The start was a piece of cake! Oh, and most importantly
I was able to poop before I left home. If you’re a runner you will appreciate that!

The first 10 miles were okay. I had trained with Hansons without intervals, but when I got to Florida
the week before I ran my ALL TIME longest run with a MRTT sister here of 15 miles with intervals.
It felt good again to run/walk. I felt like I would need this for the marathon so I set my Garmin for a
1-minute run and 30 second walk. I used intervals mostly during the beginning then felt so good I
would miss some of the walk breaks and run.

I was feeling really good with fresh legs and was enjoying the beauty of the water along beside me and
the bands and spectators along the way. It was wonderful! Along about MILE 10 my pace was NOT
matching my math of 5 miles/hr and finish in 5 hours and a few minutes. There was a man and women
I had been following and she was coaching him. They were doing intervals and taking ALL the walk
breaks. I had been focusing on keeping up with them and passing them at times but by MILE10 they
were too far ahead . So, I focused on where I was and the beauty and entertainment and how I was a
5K away from being half way done.

My funniest moment was at about MILE 10 when some fast runners were passing me out of nowhere.
My first thought was “man I have not seen no one running in a while until now. I must really be faster
than I’m thinking .”  Then, I proceed the fact they were in elite attire and the half started 45 minutes
after I started!

Then at about MILE 12 as I started up the second bridge I noticed a man down and trying to get up and
appeared to be fighting a leg cramp and people standing around him.  I was on my way to him when 2
volunteers passed me and picked him up under his arms. He was and older man drenched in sweat and
no shirt. He was trying to get loose to keep running and could barely stand. The volunteer had to make
him drink some of his water. I told him to take my chew and quickly put it in his mouth, and that it was
margarita flavored. They had him at that point and he was taken care of but he was still weak. I left some
more chews and Gu with them for him. I continued on up the bridge to finish the half portion.

After passing the half way mark of 13 MILES I was feeling pretty good but then the sun was fully out and
I was running along the HWY and river with NO shade! I could feel the sun draining me. I made sure I had
stopped at all the water/Gatorade stops and took one of each. I had a self-talk of how I had hydrated well
the days before the race and I had plenty of gu and chews in my pocket that I was using faithfully about
every 3-4 miles.  

At about MILE 16 my first Angel was waiting on me at the water stop! She asked if she could pour water
on my towel and back. I said oh please and God Bless you! The towel was the kind that keeps water in it
and you wear it around your neck. I had it tucked under my bra straps and draped over my back as a cape
to keep me from burning. I remembered to use sunscreen that morning so was hoping it was still working.
Shortly after this water stop there was a female runner and she was leaned over the guard rail puking
profusely; her hubby or BF was beside her. I felt so bad for her and said a prayer for her and myself and
reflected on my Bible verse I had written on my left arm Isaiah 40:31. This was the point of feeling like I
was the only one left running as it was so lonely.  There were so many Angels of friends and family sending
me many encouraging cheers on race joy and making me smile and stay encouraged that I did not feel
alone. At that point as I knew others were cheering me on and watching me on the map.

At MILE 19 and 20 and crossing that mountain, I mean Florida bridge! I mostly walked up the bridge
and ran down it. This is where I met the second Angel, Beth. I noticed she was walking and running too.
I started a conversation with her. She said this was here third Marathon.  From then on, she hung in
with me . She was full of insight on what was to come with my mental and physical mood the next 6
miles.  MILE 24 and multiple gus and chews and now nerves of the finish line all I could think of was
please don’t let me poop on myself right now- there are no more port-a-potties! She was right about
that second wind about MILE 25 we made it to the top of the final bridge. I could see two of my MRTT
friends (my third and fourth Angels) I had just meet a couple weeks before. They had run the half and
were watching me on the map. They came to bring me in. When Beth and I started down the other side,
we picked up the pace and could see the end about a half mile ahead. Half way down I wanted to stop
for a 10 second walk. My feet were killing me and she said, NO you are almost there, come on your going
in strong. I saw my husband waiting to take a picture and was headed for what we thought was the finish
line as it was the starting line. They collapsed it as we came in front of it and I was saying out loud nooooo!
I thought I was pass the time limit at that point. My MRTT friends were behind me and said keep running
its over there. Seher got behind me running and pushed my back along the way and said finish strong
you got this! I pulled some last-minute adrenal out and finished strong and felt as elated with joy as a
mother that just gave birth! I forgot about the mental and physical pain I had just came through and was
elated to be a MARATHONER! My friends that brought me in were so happy for me. They kept
congratulating me on being a marathoner! I was so amazed when I posted and looked at Facebook at the
many post and write up with MRTT sisters following me in KY! This is definitely a memory I will never
forget! Thanks to my MRTT family of sisters that have encouraged and motivated me to do something I
NEVER thought possible.

Barbara Fallis, Marathoner

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Teresa C - Member Spotlight

Name: Teresa C.

Hometown: Simpsonville, KY

Family:  Just my parents, I am single

Why do you Run? It's my stress relief

Favorite non-running workout: Boot Camp and Strength Training

Favorite Training Plan: 10k Trainer by C25K

Where is your favorite place to run and why?  
When I am out of town for work it would be the beaches, I love to hear the sound ocean. But if I am home it would be Beckley Park, I love nature and to see all pretty scenery.

What is the one thing you absolutely need to run?  I love to have other(s) to run with, it pushes me more.

What’s your opinion of perfect running weather? 45 or above and partly cloudy

What is your favorite post-run indulgence? Surfer Girl Omelet at Wild Eggs

Favorite running song that gives you strength? Jay Z Run this town, Tom Petty Runnin Down a Dream, Demi Lovato Confident

What was your favorite race and why? I just signed up for my 1st 5K on March 10th, I just started running at the end of November

What is your bucket list race: I just started running so more 5k'S and the goal is to get to a 10K.

At what point did you start to call yourself a “runner”? 
I started with an app at the end of November, but really don't call myself a runner, my time is not very good.

What do you tell yourself to keep going during a tough run?  You got this, keep going until you hit your goal you set for yourself today.

What have you struggled with during your running journey and did you find a solution? I am struggling with finding the right shoe. I'm trying decided if I want to go to Fleet feet or Swags to get fitted.

What three things do you most want to accomplish (running or non-running related)? Gain more muscles, Loose the rest of my weight and get that promotion at work

Saturday, February 3, 2018

February 2018 Monthly Challenge - MRTT/SRTT Olympics!

2018 MRTT/SRTT Winter Olympics

Welcome to the MRTT SRTT 2018 Olympics! 
This month is the 2018 Winter Olympics and why not celebrate by doing some of our own. Its winter, it’s cold and sometimes our runs need some spice. Who am I kidding, sometimes our lives need a pause button and refresher! Let us help you with that! By the way, there will be 3 winners at the end! 

Here’s how it works: 
~ You may only complete 1-2 items per day. 
~ You may NOT do an item more than once except for the Monday points challenge. Please see ***marked below
~ Please keep track of your own points and post the totals along with your miles.
~ There will be 3 winners. The top 3 people who have the most points and complete all challenges. If there are more than 3 people, their names will be put into a hat and drawn. 

Conversion of swim and bike miles:
3 bike miles = 1 mile
1 swim mile= 3 miles

So, go ahead, post your monthly mileage goal and Olympic events and report to us how it’s going. Please keep track of your own mileage and Olympic points…update miles and points in your posts at least 1x per week and provide us with the GRAND total at the end of the month. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Stephanie L - Member Spotlight

Name: Stephanie L.

Hometown: Louisville KY (Originally from PRP, Currently in St. Matthews)

Family: My Husband, Mark; (step) son, Zachary, 14 & my Fur Kids… Baxter Lee, Barrett, Bailee Mae & Benni

Why do you Run? 

I need the mental clarity it helps bring me. The older I get the more I realize being active now is for how I will spend my life later… health & well being.

Favorite non-running workout: Walking the dogs! But I just started Boot Camp and shockingly love it. 

Favorite Training Plan: So far it’s the ‘Sign up for a 5K and start running for it’ plan. LOL.  I'm studying this and trying to figure out the best methods for me. I'm currently following Hal Higdon 15-K Training Plan.

Where is your favorite place to run and why? The neighborhood… I love being around lots of trees & being able to walk right out the door. Easy keeps me motivated😊

What is the one thing you absolutely need to run? Ponytail holder! I wish I could be one of those girls with the long hair flowing after a 5k… not happening!

What’s your opinion of perfect running weather? 
50 degrees/partial clouds/dry roads.

What is your favorite post-run indulgence? 
WILD EGGS!!! Farmers Market Skillet

Favorite running song that gives you strength? 
Icky Thump- The White Stripes; Running Down a Dream- Tom Petty; Don’t Stop Me Now- Queen; Let’s Dance- David Bowie; PYT- Michael Jackson; Straight On- Heart; You Should Be Dancing- Bee Gees; Anything Kanye West- Don’t judge me

What was your favorite race and why? The Thru the Zoo 5K because it was my very first 5k race!

What is your bucket list race… The Triple Crown- I’m registered & currently training!!

At what point did you start to call yourself a “runner”? Probably after my 3rd 5K & I was running more & walking less.

What do you tell yourself to keep going during a tough run? I'm stronger than I think. That & I have to finish to get brunch. (I REALLY love brunch)

What have you struggled with during your running journey and did you find a solution? Time. I'm learning to schedule & plan my life to make time for myself, and running is for me. No one else.

What three things do you most want to accomplish (running or non-running related)?
Complete the Triple; Certification in Nutrition/Health Coaching; Do a pull up😊

Monday, January 29, 2018

Louisville Moms Run This Town/She Runs This Town Tanks and Long-Sleeves are now available!

Deadline EXTENDED! 
Louisville Moms Run This Town/She Runs This Town Tanks and Long-Sleeves are now available!

This is the design!

Choose from a long sleeve tee with thumbholes or a tank (or get both!)

HERE IS THE BIG NEWS 😮🏃‍♀️🗣️👌❤️ :  Our MRTT/SRTT Louisville Winter Shirt Design is here and ready for you to order! You will have until midnight, February 4th to place your order for either a long sleeve running shirt (with thumbholes) or a running tank- OR BOTH! We have a predetermined date/time for t-shirt pick-ups, so please make sure that you (or a designee) are available to pick up. ALL DETAILS are on the order form. You can find this form in our Facebook group in the pinned post.  OR you can email mrttsrttlouisville@gmail.com to order directly from us.

We can't wait to see these on everyone for races this spring or at a group run soon. 😍

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Alright...it is time. As 2017 winds down and races are over, have you taken the time to reflect but also think about 2018?
What was your biggest running accomplishment in 2017?
What are your running goals for 2018?
Now is the time to start really thinking about what you want to achieve and starting the new year out with a plan. VERBALIZE IT!
The tips below can help guide you in this process.


1. *Name your goal*

If you have more than one, that is great, but at least have one. Choose a new race, a new distance, or a PR  This may be the hardest part...setting this type of goal. It is okay to start small as you work towards a bigger goal.  Once you’ve said it out loud, take the first step...that may be to register for a race, but at least commit to the goal.  

2. **Visualize Your Goals**
Use a calendar and/or training plan. Track and evaluate your training plan as you go and make adjustments if needed. Some people use a paper calendar, some use an e-calendar with reminders. You can even create a visual motivator--a board with images or favorite sayings--and hang in a place that you will see daily.  Be your biggest cheerleader! #NYNG2018

3) **Incorporate strength training into your schedule.**
If this seems intimidating or time-consuming, pick just one exercise for the day (think lunges Monday,
squats Wednesday, etc).  Place the strength training on your calendar just like any other appointment
and KEEP IT.  If you have even 15 minutes a day to do this, you will become stronger. #NYNG18

4) **Accountability is key!**
Find a running buddy! Commit to a group run 2 times a month. Join our monthly challenge each month.
OR check in on our Facebook group page and let us know how you are doing with your goals.
 Also, identify your support system outside of MRTT/SRTT--your family, friends, coworkers--tell them
your goals! It will help them understand why you are working so hard and can’t always be present...
and you may be surprised, they might become your biggest cheerleaders.
If people want to help, tell them what you need.  It will come in handy on the days you don’t want
to lace up and run.  #NYNG18

5) **Schedule REST days.**  
Overuse can lead to injury. We all need a time to rest, check in with our bodies and recharge for the
next week of work.  Depending on your schedule and if you are training for a race, the number of rest
days can vary but at least schedule one. Your health is always the priority. #NYNG18

6) **Set Realistic Running Goals**
It is important to think about where you are at in your running journey and what your fitness
level is at current when setting future goals. Additionally, we are mothers and women who wear
lots of hats, so keep this in mind. Remember being flexible with your plan is important. Here is a great article reminding us
to focus on the process, not just the end goal.
 http://running.competitor.com/2014/01/training/setting-realistic-running-goals_64676/2  #NYNG18

7) *Get Started*
Okay, so we’ve had several weeks of planning for our 2018 goals.  Let’s review:

Name your Goal
Visualize the Goal
Incorporate Strength Training into your Routine
Accountability is Key
Schedule Rest Days
Set Realistic Goals

Monday, January 15, 2018

Member Spotlight - Jaclyn E

Happy New Year MRTT friends! This month’s member spot light is from a member of the Marketing and Social Media Committee. I met Jaclyn the morning of the Jackson 50/50, 50K. I found her to be creative (see costume picture) and with the intensity to achieve some spectacular goals. In addition to her laser like focus, I know she will go the distance to make sure that the people under her watch as a health care professional truly get better. I can’t think of anyone else that I would want at the helm of a care center for our bravest individuals.  

Name: Jaclyn E.

Hometown: New York City

Family: Husband Fred, son Oscar Leo (age 4), Remo the dog

Why do you Run?

I was never going to run again after I completed the Triple Crown and Mini several years ago. I only did it to check a box, and I had no love for running (especially training, which I barely did) at all. After having my son, I could not get my workout mojo back. Things I usually loved, like weights, yoga, and gym classes, were not doing it for me. I decided to give running a try again, and found the love of it, both for the “me” time, and later, for the camaraderie of other runners.

Favorite non-running workout:

Favorite non-running activities are kickboxing, group strength classes like kettlebells or circuits, and hot yoga.

Favorite Training Plan:

Favorite training plan is Hanson’s, with Higdon as a second.

Where is your favorite place to run and why?

I like variety in my runs, so my favorite place is where ever I did not run yesterday.
What is the one thing you absolutely need to run?

A lot of people know I love SparkleSkirts, but I actually can run without them....if I have to. While I have a few styles of shoes, tops, sports bras, and other gear, Injinji toe socks are my must-have for every run.

What’s your opinion of perfect running weather?

Perfect running weather is 8 am, 50 degrees with low humidity, light breeze, and sunny. So basically, I need to move to San Diego since we only get that about 10 days a year!

What is your favorite post-run indulgence?

If I really, really, really earn it, I indulge in a shake from Chick Filet. Flavor depends on mood.

Favorite running song that gives you strength?

I am not into music when running, but if I was, my power songs would probably be in the club/house genre.

What was your favorite race and why?

I have so many favorite races! My favorite half is RTB for the beauty, expo, organization, swag, and activities. Favorite trail is Backside because the aid stations are amazing and the course is easy to navigate. And of course, I love Disney races for the entertainment, swag, and, believe it or not, PR potential.

What is your bucket list race

Bucket list race is the Dramathon (who wants to do a girls trip to Scotland with me in 2019?)

At what point did you start to call yourself a “runner”?

I started thinking of myself as a runner when I realized I was excited to run just for the fun of it. It is hard to let go of the notion that a “runner” is someone who does it for a living, not as a hobby, though!

What do you tell yourself to keep going during a tough run?

What keeps me going is setting a goal that I actually want to achieve myself, and focusing on the outcome when the running gets rough.

What have you struggled with during your running journey and did you find a solution?

I struggled with an injury a little over halfway through my training cycle for Chicago. The recovery went slowly, I got bronchitis, and re-injured myself with just 6 weeks to go. I allowed myself to be upset and over-dramatic for a day, then picked myself up, consulted some friends and experts, and readjusted my goals (which I subsequently crushed).

What three things do you most want to accomplish (running or non-running related)?

3 things I want to accomplish are to achieve a balance in the key areas my husband and I set goals in annually, improve the health of veterans by exceeding all of the care targets we are measured on, and PR my 5k and half times this year.

Day 1: 5K
Day 2: 10K
Day 3: Half Marathon
Day 4: 26.2
Day 5: 10K
Garmin Total: 52.39 miles!!!!!