Wednesday, September 1, 2021

September 2021 - Time for a Team Monthly Challenge!


Our Team Monthly Challenge is ON for September.  We will report back at the end of the month how our teams did. 

We have 9 teams of 10 ladies ready to meet the challenge.

Sore to the Finish
Runage a Trois
May the 4's Be with You
The Five Hive
We Do it for a 6 Pack
7 Deadly Shins
Crazy 8's
HOT Mess

Details on how ladies signed up for the challenge (Posted in our private page in August).

LADIES - it is TIME! The September 2021 monthly challenge is a TEAM CHALLENGE.
Are you ready for a challenge?
Challenge runs from September 1- September 30th, 2021.
To participate in this challenge, you must complete the form in the link below by August 23rd at midnight.
Those that fill out this form will have their names placed into a pot. You must fill out EVERY field on the form to be placed on a team. Chapter Co-Leaders (Stephanie and Allison Hertel Reid) will randomly draw your name and place you with a team. We will announce teams by August 26th in our Facebook group.
Teams will be assigned at random. Each team will choose a “team cheerleader” who will be responsible for cheering the team on and help keep an estimate of team mileage for the month. The main goal of the challenge is simple-- get out and walk/run/hike/bike or swim! Activities should be intentional and miles must be from an activity - you CANNOT count daily step totals. (If you have questions about this, contact Stephanie or Allison before filling out this form.) The team that has the most miles WINS the challenge. We will come back together after the challenge (Location/date TBD) to award fun prizes.
Activity conversion ratios:
Run/walk/hike: 1 mile=1mile=1mile
Elliptical:Run is 1mile =1 mile
Bike/Spin:Run is 3 miles=1 mile
Swim:Run is 1 mile = 3 miles
(If you run/walk/hike/elliptical for 5 miles, you count 5 miles total. If you bike or spin 15 miles, you get to count 5 miles total. If you swim 1 mile, you get to count that as 3 miles.)
Note: Running as a team is not required. If you cannot run as a group, that is okay, just make sure you are keeping track of your miles for the month. If local COVID guidelines change between now and the end of September, we ask that everyone pivot accordingly for safety reasons.

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Don't delay: Headsweat brand SRTT Tanks are now available for order through August 12th!

 Headsweat brand SRTT Tanks are now available for order through August 12th! 

View the size chart carefully. Styles have a roomy fit but fit true to size so if you like a slimmer fit consider sizing down.  Please note that because this is a new style for us we are still verifying fit and hope you will take the chance to review the product to help us for the next amazing design!

Please know these are PREORDERS. This means you won't get them shipped to you until 6-8 weeks AFTER orders close IF we get a 25 min order on each tank. (Details, am I right?) 

Orders will close on 8/12. 

password is: louisville

Shipping is calculated at checkout.

Monday, August 2, 2021

August SRTT Photo-A-Day Challenge


Welcome to the Louisville SRTT August Monthly Challenge. For August, we will be doing a Photo-A-Day challenge because everyone seems to enjoy being told what to do and wear 😂.
It’s pretty simple, on Saturday of each week, we will post the 7 days of photos for the upcoming week. Just snap a photo of whatever is listed for that day and share it in the group.
You can also share your other mileage, running, walking, biking, hiking, cross-training, etc goals and photos related to those as well!

Thursday, July 1, 2021

BOOM July Monthly Challenge

 BOOM July Monthly Challenge 

Welcome to the July SRTT BOOM Challenge. Strength and cross-training are important for not only day-to-day life but also running! You can find the event in our private Facebook group (must be a member to access).  You can also access the sheet via google here.
These workouts are designed for ANYONE to do at home even if you don’t have dumbbells….you just have might to get creative. You’ll get a full-body workout with the upper body, core, and lower body. We also mix it up and keep the reps lower because if you want to make progress in the strength department...the goal isn’t a high number of reps. And we also don’t want you so sore that you can’t get your walk/run/bike in either!
A few helpful tips for the challenge:
  • BW = Bodyweight
  • If you can’t do pushups on your toes (like me) - go to an elevated surface
  • Fwd = Forward, Rvs = Reverse
  • No weights or dumbbells? No problem… use a backpack filled with your desired weight, laundry detergent, books, water bottles, and for those moms...maybe even a kiddo...I’m sure they’d love it 😃
At the end of each week, I’ll post some videos and information for the next week such as modifiers and total counts.
Don’t forget to share your July goals with us as well and any mileage goals you have in addition to getting some strength/cross-training in!

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

June Monthly Challenge: The Color Run Challenge!


Join us for the June Color Run Challenge

Welcome to the MRTT/SRTT June Color Run Challenge!
For new members, every month we host a challenge to help keep us motivated to reach our goals. We are a very diverse group, many ladies are preparing for virtual/fall races and starting to increase mileage each week, other ladies are beginning their running journey. This challenge is adaptable for everyone, regardless of where you are in your running journey. This challenge is all about the joy of running, being active and adding a little color to brighten our days.
Who’s ready to add some color to their day? And just for Allison and a few others, I mixed some black in there 🙂
The rules are simple:
> Run or workout wearing the assigned color of the day. It can be any variation of the color listed
> Wear the color head to toe or just a touch of the color.
> Take a selfie/shoefie showing off the color of the day
> Post your picture to the event page
Please brighten up the page and post your activity (no matter what it is).
As always, feel free to share your goals for the month and post updates frequently. Make sure your goals are realistic and achievable for YOU. Some ladies make goals for mileage, steps, number of active minutes, number of workouts per week, hydration, nutrition, etc. If you are struggling to lace up and get out the door, please reach out. If you achieve a goal or set a new PR, please share. This event is all about being there for each other.

Color Calendar

Monday, May 10, 2021

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: She RUNS This Town membership registration has officially launched!

 BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: She RUNS This Town membership registration has officially launched!

After 10 years, She RUNS This Town (formerly known as the Moms Run This Town) has launched into a new chapter for Global Membership.

With over 800+ chapters strong Nationwide, SRTT/MRTT wanted a way to recognize members nationally and globally.

To do this, She RUNS This Town has partnered with the ACTIVE NETWORK registration platform to create the She RUNS This Town member registration.

But why should I register? And what do I get for registering? Well great questions! The answers are quick and easy!

When registering, you will become a member of a beautiful network of running women all over the world and given a Membership Number.

Being a member, you’ll 
be eligible to receive exclusive perks, deals, discounts and challenges and so much more.  See our private Facebook page for links and instructions to register.

She RUNS This Town is excited to launch this program to catapult what will be an amazing new decade of growth and comradery among amazing women all over the world.

***Registration is FREE!!! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!*** 

Email with questions.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Simon Says...It's Gonna be May Monthly Challenge

 Simon Says...It's Gonna be May Monthly Challenge

For the May monthly challenge, we’ll be mixing things up a bit with a Simon Says style challenge. Each day, we’ll post a new Simon Says with a theme for you to post/share a picture of. An example would be: Simon a shoefie in the grass or Simon Says...share a pic of spring decor seen during your walk/run/bike.
For every week that you participate at least 5 days, your name will be entered into a drawing for a free Ponya Band of your choice and a pack of Honey Stinger chews.

*Check out our private Facebook group to participate*